Rock Of Ages MinistriesTV Program Throughout Louisiana
Evangelist Evette Young
Min Sarah Zeno, making her debut on the Teleast
Evan Ruby Childs, Pas Bill Shanks, Evan Dudley  Thibeaux and Host Apostle Bailey
Pas Ann Perro, Min Sarah Zeno, Pas Bill Shanks, Evan Patricia Henry, Guest Ministers ROA TV
Pastor Sadie Thompson, Lafayette, La.
Evan. Patricia Henry, Celia, LA
Pastor Ann Perro, of Kaplan Louisiana
Evangelist Jill Brandell, Gulfport, LA
 A Dinner Celebration with the Broussard Family and Church Members
Apostle Michael Hammond

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Proph. Delores Taylor
Telecast, The 5 Fold Ministry, Pt. 2, 2010
Telecast, The 5 Fold Ministry, Pt. 1, 2010
Our Live Studio Audience
Telecast, The 5 Fold Ministry, Pt. 2, 2010
 Apostle James & Prophetess Denise Gibbs
A picture taken from the New Orleans Media Center, 2010               Studio Production Picture - Program 
                                                                                                 Entitled The Five Fold Ministry, Part 4 
 Pastor William Coleman,
Zion C. O. G. I. C.
Pastor David Plessy, Crossover Christian Fellowship