Rock Of Ages Ministries Television Program
Cox Cable, Louisiana
Evan Ruby Childs, Evan Dudley Thibeaux, Pas Bill Shanks & Apos Michael Hammond
         Minister & Solist - Sharon Nabonne
Daphyne, Brandy & Pastor Ann Perro, our Amen Team in the New Orleans TV Studio
   Takako Bailey, as Director & Camera Person
   " Reaching Thousands 
      Each Week For Our Lord Jesus"
Pastor Sadie Thompson
Evang. Ruby Childs, Pas Bill Shank & Evang Dudley Thibeaux
Apostle Michael Hammond
Pastor Bill Shanks
Evang. R. Childs, Evang. D. Thibeaux, Evang. S. Thompson, Apos. M. Hammond & Apos. R. Bailey
Evang. Childs, Proph. Bickham & Apos. Bailey 
Our 2010 Live TV Studio Audience
     Pastor Albert Delone    Apos. Timothy Williams    Pas. William Coleman     Evang. Matthew Wells   
The love of God is shed abroad in our hearts through His Holy Spirit
Pas Thomas Tucker Evang. Ruby Childs Sis. Takako Bailey Evang. Evette Young
     The 5 Fold Ministry Telecast Part 4  (2010)                                    An after Studio Shot  (2010)                                  The 5 Fold Ministry Telecast Part 4 (2010)        Pas. Tucker, Apos. Osano, Pas. Bickham, Pas. Coleman & Apos. Bailey