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"Rock Of Ages Ministries International Page II"
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Apostle Bailey is bein presented A Plaque Of Appreciation For His Visit In Sapporu, Japan
Escorted By The Translator, To Observe Some Of The Japanese Cultures And Creativity
The Pastor Is Extending An Invitation To A Farewell Fellowship Dinner, Where Apos. Bailey Will Later Share His Testimony
Apostle Bailey Is Asked To Pose For An Olympic Picture To Signafy Victory In Christ!
Apostle Bailey Is Invited The Sacred Place Called Holy Ground, Where He Delivered A Special Prayer Of Victory!
Apostle Bailey Is Brought Through The City Of Sapporu, Haikalda, Japan For Sightseeing.
          Apostle Bailey is Welcomed At The Airport                   Translaor &  His Wife Take Pictures Together                    Apostle Bailey Is Greeting and Passing God's Blessings
            Apostle Bailey Is Leading Everyone in Worship                      Apostle Bailey Is Receiving Certificate Of Appreciation                   After Enjoying Green Tea, Posing For Pictures